Platform: Windows

Do The Whirlwind is a mix of an old school platformer and rhythm game.

Get points by collecting stars in the beat of the background music. Watch out for birds and coconuts.

Platform: Flash

Sunshine in Tampere is a product of one long cludy month in Tampere, Finland, and one of many coffee break conversations between myself and Mr. Atanas. This is our first attempt at exploiting the basic sunshine catching game mechanics, the path I decided to take, of oldstyle arcade action game.

Click [here] to play.

Platform: Flash


Early experiments in making a gravity based platformer. Early alpha, without the beginning or the end... Don't get angry if things don't work
In space
Up Arrow/Down Arrow - Throttle/Break
Left Arrow / Right Arrow - Stearing
Space - Shoot
A/Z - Gear Up/Down

On planets
Left Arrow/Right Arrow - Move
Up Arrow - Jump Space - Shoot
1, 2, 3 - Weapon Select

Platform: Flash


Space shooter in gravity field. Your ship, rockets and bullets, baddies, and everything else in this game is affected by gravity field of planetoids. Press E to enter the editor mode.

Platform: HTML5/JS

After 8bit New York City comes the next logic step 2Bit Tampere Not a game as it is but a nifty lil' toy we whooped up while teaching ourselves what this strange new HTML5 thing is. It comes in four color schemes, Grayscale, Gameboy, CGA1 and CGA0

Platform: Flash

Tight Horizon is an exercise in acrobatic flight. Press SHIFT to spell letters. Press UP for throttle. Right and Left arrows are used for steering. I tried to use Palm OS Graffiti, but I had to modify most of the strokes, so they could be performed by a biplane. Press H for hints. The word list is actually snatched from Scribblenauts. I don't know what half of these words mean.

Platform: Flash

Lorem A bold adventure. Platformer set in the world of letters. Playable demo.

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